A Little World With The Very Best Of You.


Wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a little world that you could call your own which you could step into from time to time? Your little world would fuel and balm you by reminding you of all the lovely things that have brought out the best in you or have inspired you. Here, your world serves to charge you up again with only the very best of you and upon leaving, you always step out feeling inspired and ready to take on the world.

It’s very different to that dream space we all desire to call our own where we can pursue the things we love doing either for work or for pleasure. A decorated spare room shed or summerhouse (lovely), or the like, definitely stays on the top ten wish list for many I’m sure, and for very good reason.

But no, this world I’m talking about is like a little portal or a little cubicle, maybe like the wardrobe that leads into Narnia. The beauty of this world is that it doesn’t have to be big. You don’t need a big space to experience again that time when you laughed so much that you cried with utter delight. Or how you felt upon witnessing that most amazing work of art (whatever art means to you), or listening to music that made you feel alive and so, so bloody good to be alive, or that warm sense of belonging you have towards many or to something. You won’t need bags of room to wear or remember that outfit that made you look PDS, and you only need your nose and a spritz to experience again wearing the perfume that frames the very essence of you- or a petal if that scent is rosy, or some lavender if that’s your smell and so on. This world helps create and harness sensational feelings from, say, the beautiful sunshine melting and relaxing your core being and helps maintain an inner sense of peace within you. This world brings back through memory and memorabilia, the pleasure derived from really understanding something about the world. That epiphany felt from personal growth and enlightenment. Perhaps the positive feelings from touching your favourite fabric or being surrounded by your favourite colours, perhaps evoking the happiness felt surrounded by dear friends or being able to absorb yourself in your favourite hobby. Finding some poetry or prose or works of literature that really moves you to another level, makes you want to go out there and change the world… each time you step out of this fireball world of positive feelings you are excited and driven.

It’s not Narnia I’m interested in -certainly not- but the wardrobe could be useful.

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